H! My name is David Biagini (pronounced "Be a Genie") and here's a bit about me, some experiences and insights, that you may find of interest.

mE verses Me

The subject matter that captured my drawing attention early on involved vehicles of all types; cars, trucks, planes, rockets. Later on I developed an interest in more curvy and supple figures.

Xmotives DTension, Computer Model by David Biagini from a High School Drawing made during Detention.

Some time ago I created a computer model based on a sketch I did in High School during one of many, you guessed it, detention.


From High School on I've held many different jobs.

  • Food Server
  • Library Assistant
  • Retail Cashier/Stock/Food Department Lead
  • Beauty Salon Receptionist
  • Office Janitor
  • UPS Package Sorter
  • Architectural Model Builder
  • Industrial Design Model Builder
  • Industrial Design Model Finisher
  • Computer Modeler
  • Graphic Designer/Flash Animator
  • Logo Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Product Development
  • Sculptor, Mold/Cast Maker
  • Web Designer/Master
  • Actor/Model, Model Photographer
  • 2010 US Census Scanner Operator/Technician/Data Entry-Keyer
  • ·
  • All aspects of a Design Business
  • Maintenance, Inventory
  • Illustrator, Product Photographer
  • 3D Modeler, Programmer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Layout Designer
  • Writer, Story Board Artist
  • Proof Reader
  • Image Retoucher, Video Editor
  • Bookkeeper, Accountant
  • Legal Counsel
  • HR, R&D, R&R



A particularly difficult experience resulted when I was asked to help out with a satellite model contract with two other model builders while holding a steady gig at another Architectural Model Studio. During the middle of the contract the other two model builders felt overwhelmed and decided to leave.

Circa 1990s MT Satellite Models Project

Nearing the deadline I had to complete the finishing of the pieces. In between my responsibilities at my steady job I spent fourteen hours straight spraying paint on parts placed wherever they would sit in a tiny rented space. I remember not being able to see the parts through the paint fog in the sealed room. And at the end of the ordeal I had bruises on my face from the respirator. I actually broke down in tears for a bit before heading off to my other job.


The longest I ever stayed awake was when I decided to enter three models of original design in a contest judged by employees from Industrial Light & Magic, held at the Marin County State Fair. The deadline was extended from a Friday to the following Monday. Driving the rental van back to the shop with my three incomplete models and after being awake for almost two days straight, I tried to sleep.

After a few hours of rest I got to working again Friday evening. As the only human being in a beautiful two story shop in downtown San Francisco, I readied myself to keep a steady pace over the next few daze.

During the wee hours I realized that I should sand or carve pieces by hand since power tools starting seeming precarious, and no one was around to help if I should find the need. The shop did have two meandering cats, and during a particularly bewitching hour the small tabby gave me the spooks when she kept shifting her head to peer at something behind me causing me to look around and find nothing there except the shivers up my spine.

Model of Original Design, Third Place, HK by David Biagini Circa 1990s.

On Monday morning I loaded up the van with the three completed models, drove to Marin, unloaded the models, expressed my gratitude for the extension, drove the van back to the rental and got home somehow. And finally, after more than fifty hours straight and more than four days without closing my eyes for more than a few hours, I laid down to sleep. By the way, the model shown above placed third and another titled "Once Upon A Mars" placed first in their respective categories.

These models and this memorable experience would not have happened without the use of the beautiful two story shop. I will always remember and remain grateful for the generosity of the building's owner, Zdravko Terziev.


Here is a great image captured by talented photographer Dan Rosler of me performing one of my favorite throws of an Ultimate Disc—the Air Bounce.

A great image of me (David Biagini) performing one of my favorite throws of an Ultimate Disc, the Air Bounce. Photographed by Dan Rosler.

Unwittingly matching the yellow disc that featured a graphic I designed, the yellow shirt in the image is from when I was in a Steel Drum class and the shredded yellow hat is from a Bay to Breakers. The pink shorts? Well, they're just pink shorts.

I am developing a new disc game that I plan to unveil in the coming years. It should prove to be rather fun and exciting to play and watch.


Below are some songs I've recorded and placed on Youtube to establish a public copyright record. I must admit that the quality is not that great, but at some point in the future I plan to make the recordings in a better location, with better equipment and with more practice. Definitely more practice. :)



So what is up with those unmentionable charms? I haven't done any recent inquiries, but the following video is from a while back, and just for fun.



This extremely low budget video was originally a contest entry for a comedy television show that features a song with lyrics I wrote (inspired by my twin sister) about the "Total Recall" Guhvenuh of California, "Little Office Ahnie".